Word Flurry. Prepare for a new standard.

Word Flurry takes a game that we all love to play — the classic anagram word finding game — and adds what many of the others are missing: ease of play. If you like the other popular anagram games, but are tired of their cumbersome and unwieldy user interfaces, you will love Word Flurry.

Go beyond the tap-tap-tap-a-letter user interface that the others give you and discover the natural mechanics in Word Flurry, such as letter-to-letter swiping, quick last-word recall, and more.

Be warned, though. Once you've played Word Flurry, you may find it difficult or impossible to play the others!

Casual vs. Challenge.

Word Flurry allows you to play at the pace you enjoy. If you like taking your time, play a casual game at your own pace. If you're up to a bigger challenge, try testing your skills against the clock.

Play with full unabridged dictionary, or choose everyday words.

The Word Flurry puzzle words are all drawn from the Official Tournament and Club Word list, TWL06. If you're not quite up to the challenge of playing with the full unabridged dictionary, choose to play with "everyday" words, which are words more recognizable and likely to be used in an everyday conversation.

Relax with music, or listen to your own.

Word Flurry comes with a small selection of ethereal background music to keep you entertained while playing.

Don't like the music selection? No worries. Turn the music off in the settings, or play your own music from your iPod library.

Crisp colorful graphics and animations.

Word Flurry provides a clean, uncluttered and — dare we say — beautiful screen to behold. All of the UI elements have been designed with one purpose in mind — making the game simply pleasant to play.

Technical information.

Word Flurry is designed and developed exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch. It uses a proprietary, scratch-built OpenGL engine, which allows the game to provide the responsive user interface.

Support independent game development.

Word Flurry is developed by a small independent game development studio in the USA. Support indie game development!